Merionethshire Wolf

This werewolf situation was recorded by Montague Summers: The Werewolf.  The case has a huge similarity to the event that happened to the Croglin Grange Vampire that happened on 1871.

The werewolf scare incident happened on the shores of a lake near Merionethshire in Wales.  A professor has this habit of fishing; they rented a cottage on the said shore so the wife can stay on that cottage while the professor went out on fishing.  While they were in the cottage, they invited a guest and entertained her.

While the professor is on the lake and fishing, he noticed a skull that resembles a skull of a canine.  He took interest on the fragments and took it back to their cottage and placed it in the kitchen cupboard.

The succeeding evening has been filled with terror as the wife started to hear bizarre sound on their kitchen.  The weird noise sounded like a gnarling of a dog.  He went to the kitchen where the sound was coming from.   She saw a half-human half-wolf that frightened her.  She quickly locked the front door but she still hears the weird sound of the creature.  She tried to tell her husband what happened that night.  The professor stayed up all night hoping that the creature will show itself.  Eventually he saw a face of a wolf with the eye of a human looking back at him.  He quickly picked up his rifle and chased the beast but the creature vanished into the darkness.

Montague Summers accounted the whole thing:
 “As she moved something drew her attention to the window,and there she saw glaring at her through the diamondpanes the head of a huge creature, half animal, half human.The cruel panting jaws were gaping wide and showed keenwhite teeth; the great furry paws clasped the sill likehands; the red eyes gleamed hideously; it was the gaze of aman, horribly intensive, horribly intelligent. Half-faintingwith fear she ran through to the front door and shot thebolt. A moment after she heard heavy breathing outsideand the latch rattled menacingly. The minutes that followedwere full of acutest suspense, and now and again alow snarl would be heard at the door or window, and asound as though the creature was endeavoring to force itsentrance. At last the voices of her husband and his friend,come back from their ramble, sounded in the little garden;and as they knocked, finding the door fast, she was butable to open ere she fell in a swoon at their feet.”“The hours passed slowly, until when all was darkest andmost lonely the soft thud of cushioned paws was heard onthe gravel outside, and nails scratched at the kitchen window.To their horror in a stale phosphorescent light theysaw the hideous mask of a wolf with the eyes of a man glaringthrough the glass, eyes that were red with hellish rage.Snatching the gun they rushed to the door, but it had seentheir movement and was away in a moment. As they issuedfrom the house a shadowy undefined shape slippedthrough the open gate, and in the stars they could just seea huge animal making towards the lake into which it disappearedsilently, nor did a ruffle cross the surface of thewater.”

The next morning, the professor decided to return the skull on the lake.  After that the haunting of the phantom wolf was never seen again.  A case that is similar to the Hebrides wolf where the geologist found bones resembling that of a wolf and a wolf spirit started to manifest.


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