Tikoloshe: Breed of Vampire and Demon

Tikoloshe/Tokoloshe is a mixed race of vampire and demon and considered a familiar of a powerful witch.  In some legends, a tikoloshe has a strong association with the element of water.  Some says that by drinking water, tikoloshe can become invisible.  The creature is a bit small and fat with a receding hairline that makes it forehead looks wide.  People who claimed to see the creature says that the tikoloshe resembles a monkey.

This vampire can also change shape and sometimes take the identity of a human, but it maintains some of its monkey behavior.  The creature can also change into a bird to search for a prey.  The tikoloshe is also known for assaulting its victims sexually.  Most of its victims are the women of a certain villagers but they do not feed on the blood of their victims, they suck the energy of their victim until they grown weary, a trait which is similar to the Eastern vampires.  The creature will return to the same house every night until his victim die.  A tikoloshe would not victimize the women of a near village, it chose to shape shift into a bird and fly a million miles to search for its prey.

According to the stories, a tikoloshe will approach the unsuspected women in any time of the day, usually during daylight while the woman is doing a heavy labor.  He would greet the women in a very familiar way and help her in doing heavy works, sometimes help her carry her bucket of water or sticks that she would use for fire.  He would then demand a sexual intercourse in exchange for the help he offered, if the victim refused, the man would revert back to his original form and attack the prey.

On other folklore, the tikoloshe is used by a dark magician in an act of revenge against those whom he hold grudge against.  They said that the demon became the familiar of a witch upon signing an agreement with a dark magician.  In exchange for the loyalty that the tikoloshe promised, the witch must give her food, shelter and even sexual pleasure in return every time the creature demands it.  On the off chance that he signed the contract with a male magician; the warlock should give her women to satiate her cravings for sex.

Like most vampires, the tikoloshe is also blamed for spreading diseases and plagues.   They said that when it takes the form of a bird with a skull on its head, one scratch of its claw can give you an illness with no known cure.  Locals believe that no magic can cure or dispel the said curse.


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