The Werewolf of Husby

This tale of Werewolf of Husby supposedly happened during the middle ages in Husby, Germany.  It concerns an old stingy woman that she offered her farm helpers with only little food to eat, though she has a steady supply of fresh meat every Sunday.  The helpers are a bit puzzled about the supply of meat since they never recalled her buying meat on the market or even asking someone to purchase her the meat.

A young helper wanted to discover the mystery behind this, so one Sunday; the young helper concealed himself into a hayloft instead of visiting the church.  While patiently waiting, he saw the woman took out a magical belt that can give her the appearance of the Werewolf of Husby.  She apparently wore the enigmatic wolf strap and turned herself into a wolf and ran out in the field.  After a few moments, the old lady returned with a sheep.

The young helper thought that if she can produce a meat that easily, the woman must be more generous in giving them food.  Later that day, the woman was cooking the meat while the young helper is still hiding.  She apparently sighed and exclaimed to God that she wished to be with God

The young helper spoke and pretended to be a God and said that he was only cursing her because she was not able to give her helpers an adequate amount of food.  From that point onward, the skimpy woman started to grant her helpers with a sufficient amount of food.

But the young man told everyone about everything that he witnessed.  One Sunday, the woman was again in a form of a wolf wearing the wolf strap, but unknown to her, the whole villagers are already waiting for her outside armed with guns and pitchfork.  They shot him for a few times but the bullets didn’t seem to affect her.  One of them loaded the gun with a silver bullet and shot her.

The woman was able to survive the shot, but the wound remained open and the doctors were unable to treat the wound.  She never again transformed into the Werewolf of Husby after that day.


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