The She-Wolf of France

Queen Isabella, the Queen of England and the wife of Edward II was also known as the She-Wolf of France.  She is known for her beauty, intelligence, and her scandalous life.  Her marriage with King Edward II was arranged in order to put an end to the war between England and France.  But it is a known fact that King Edward II was in love with someone else.  Edward II was in love with Piers Gaveston, but the king senses that he had so much influence with his son so he exiled him.  But when the king passed away, Edward II immediately summoned back his lover.

Isabella wrote to her father how she was not well treated.  She might be at a young age of 12, but she is perfectly aware of what is suited for her as a queen.  The territory that was supposed to be handed to the Queen was given to the king’s lover.  For four years, Isabella knew that there were something going on between Edward II and Gaveston, but she knew how to keep an enemy, she even made an acquaintance of Gaveston’s wife.  And because of this bold move, Isabella was admired by the whole France. Finally the baron’s who are not in favor of Gaveston plotted to kill him and they succeeded in doing so.

After Gaveston’s death both the king and queen live a happy life, they had an heir to the throne named Edward and gave birth to three more.  But after sometime, Edward II found a new lover, Hugh Despenser. While King Edward was having a relationship with Hugh Despenser, the brother of Isabella tried to take over France.  Isabella went to her brother to negotiate a peace treaty.  During this time, Isabella renewed her acquaintance with Roger de Mortimer.  They had a relationship but Edward II is not in favor of her wife’s infidelity.  On the other hand Roger de Mortimer raised an army and was successful in defeating the king.  Edward II was imprisoned in the Berkely Castle.  Every supporter of King Edward II was hunted down and suffered a gruesome death including his lover, Hugh Despenser.  Isabella showed everyone how merciless she can be.

Isabella hoped that his former husband would die on natural causes, but 8 months had passed and he is still alive.  He ordered his men to stick a hot poker into his posterior.  When their son Edward took the throne, he executed Mortimer and imprisoned his own mother at Castle Rising.  During this time, Isabella was allegedly losing her sanity.  He would roam at late night all over the castle, grieving about the fate of her lover.  After she died, rumors started that because of her wrong doings, her spirit has turned into a big wolf with a fur that is as white as the snow.  Up to this day, during the full moon, people still believe that the spirit of Isabella in a form of a white she-wolf still roaming around the Castle Rising.


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