Wayne Clifford Boden

Wayne Clifford Boden is a serial killer and rapist who has an unusual method of biting his victim in the breast area ad drinking blood.  His first victim was Shirley Audette.   The body of Audette was discovered on October of 1969.  Although they found her tucked with all her clothing, there have been signs that the victim was raped, strangled and has some serious wound on her breasts.  There are also no signs of struggle by the victim.

Marielle Archambault is a jewelry clerk.  She left the shop during their closing time with a man named “Bill”.  Her colleague stated that she appears to be happy upon seeing the young man.  The next day, Archambault failed to show up on the shop.  The employer went on to her apartment to check if she’s alright.  They were shocked upon discovering that Archambault is dead together with her landlady.  There are signs that he was sexually assaulted and there is a teeth mark on her breast.  A crumpled picture was shown and was identified by her co-worker as Bill, but eventually they found out that the picture was Archambault’s late father.

“Bill’s” next victim is a girl named Jean Way, about two months after his last attack. Way was about to be picked up by her boyfriend on January 1970.  Her boyfriend called for her name but she did not answer the door, so he decided to return later.  When he came back, he noticed that the door is unlocked; he discovered the dead body of his girlfriend on the bed, naked.  Way was the last victim recorded in the area.

In Calgary, a similar incident regarding a rape and murder with a teeth mark on the breast was found out.  Apparently the crime also concerned a man named Bill. Someone saw the victim ride a Mercedes Benz on the night that she died.  A friend of Elizabeth Anne Porteous, the victim described Bill as someone with a neat, clean-cut hair and wears “flashy” clothes. 

The exact match of the described Mercedes Benz was found parked outside of the house of Wayne Clifford Boden.  Boden admitted on dating the victim and take the full ownership of a broken handcuff that was found on the crime scene, but he reiterated that Porteous was in great condition when he left her that night.

The police consulted an orthodontic that confirmed that the marks on the victims’ breast and the tooth of Boden was an exact match.  Boden confessed to the killings, he was sentenced for a three lifetime imprisonment.  Wayne Clifford Boden died due to a skin cancer on March 27, 2006.


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