Michigan Dogman

After a day of fishing, two fishermen were returning their boat to the shores of Claybake Lake when they noticed something peculiar.  As they were reaching the shore, one of them noticed an animal was swimming to their direction.   By the time the animal reached their boat, they observed that it resembles the appearance of a dog.  The two were so shocked upon seeing the creature that it took sometime before they can regain their senses.  They then get a grip of their oars and started beating the creature.  After that they rowed as fast as they could until they reached the land.  The two of them scanned the whole area but the creature is no longer in sight.  This incident allegedly happened in the year 1967.

In 1987, during the month of July, The sheriff’s office received a call regarding a certain animal attack.  The animal allegedly forced its way into the cabin and caused some damage on the area.  The sheriffs called a forest ranger; they were even making a funny conversation about a dogman while they were talking over the phone.  When they reached the alleged scene, both of them were shocked to see the extent of the damage.  Claw and bite marks are everywhere, the damage is a clear sign that this is done by a huge animal.  The sheriff thought that it was a bear, but the owner of the cabin insisted that it couldn’t be a bear.  The cabin owner led the sheriff to the animal tracks which are similar to the paw print of the dog.  The sheriff filed the case as an unknown animal attack.

In 1993, winter season Courtney, a teenage girl claimed to had an encounter with the dogman on her parent’s house.  Her parent’s house is located in Reed City, Michigan.  Courtney was behind their house and having a cigar, she was facing an old barn owned by their neighbor when she noticed that the small equipment used in the farm suddenly moved. Courtney ignored it thinking that it might be a deer.  Moments after, the barn started to shake and a large canine animal appear from the woods.  The creature is standing using its two hind legs.  Courtney went inside to get a flashlight but by the time she went out, the creature is already gone.

The next sighting happened on Temple, Michigan in the year 2009.  Two teenage girls are babysitting for their neighbor.  At night when the children are already in bed, they decided to watch television and sat in the living room.  Suddenly they saw a shadow passed through a window.  Then the girls heard a weird sound.  One of them took her camera, hoping that she can take the picture of a supposed burglar in case there would be missing stuff on the owners’ barn.  They were both shocked to see the culprit; it was a dogman that shortly looked at them before fleeing.  One of the girls managed to take a photo of the alleged dogman. 

Michigan Dogman
Alleged Photo of the Michigan dogman


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