Chris Holly

Chris Holly is a paranormal investigator who learned about the world of the undead including vampires, ghouls, zombies etc when she was a teenager.  It started when she first acquired her junior driving license.  It was a Saturday night and he was allowed to drive the convertibles together with her friends until the night.  They were having some fun time in the usual fast food chain were they hang out with some of their friends.  Eventually the time to return the convertible came.  She took the convertible home and parked it at their driveway.

After reaching their house, Chris together with two of her friends rushed to the bathroom in order to pee.  Chris ended up on the last line and had to hold her pee before her turn came up.  One of her friends, Sally said that there is something inside the house.  Chris also said that he heard something unusual and it sounded like a bump.  The three of them immediately rushed out of the house.

After a moment, Chris realized that she forgot her pocket book inside the house.  She was about to get the keys and return inside the house when the lights on the front door started flickering.  On and off it goes, like someone is playing with the switch.  The three of them jumped back to the car to get a help from the authority.  As they were leaving the house, one of her friends said that the person toying with them is inside Chris’ room.  The lights inside her room started to turn on and off.

As they were on their way, they came across Sally’s brother who was with her football pals.  He instructed one of her friends to call 911.  All of them stood from a distant as they watch the lights went on and off.  After a few moments all the lights inside their house is switched on.  Then suddenly someone inside of the house let out a scream, a scream that is non human. The creature is starting to break free out of the house while growling and making animal sounds.

The incident was also witnessed by a policeman who came for help.  Two of them asked for the keys of the house to Chris’ father and searched the place; a moment after her father also joined the search.  After a few minutes, the police instructed her friends to go straight home.  The police said that whoever went inside of their house ripped the back door and took some of their clothing and makeup and spread it all over the house.

By the time that they were inside the car talking about what happened inside, there were already many policemen outside.  Her father was asked to go inside the house and eventually they too were asked to enter the house.  The police was distracting Chris when they showed something to her Mom down the basement.

Chris’ makeup seems to be used by the creature to paint strange things on the wall.  The police stayed on their house for a couple of hours.  They asked her dad if he knew something that could help them in this investigation and he said that there is a similar incident that happened in the town.

As they were about to sleep, the creature came back, but this time it came back to torment their neighbors.  After a few moments the police came back and searched the neighbor’s house but they found nothing.  The creature managed to escape once again.  Whatever is inside the house remained a mystery up to this day.


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