The Werewolf of Klein-Krams

Back in the old times the area of Klein-Krams were covered with dense forest.  Noblemen would constantly venture into this place and held their hunting games.  During one of these hunts, a group claimed that there was a wolf that even though if it was at gunpoint, can never be killed.  The wolf would sometime steal one of their kill and took it to the village right in front of their very own eyes.  It’s as if the wolfman was trying to mock them of their helplessness against his supernatural ability.

One time, there was a huntsman travelling from a nearby area, when he saw a group of people running out of the house.  The sight of the fleeing men captured his interest.  He stopped a young boy to ask what is happening inside the house.  The boy said that no one is inside the house of the Feeg except their son.  Whenever their youngest son was left alone in the house, it has been a habit of the young boy to transform himself into a werewolf and frightened the kids of the town.  They were running away from the house since they do not want the young boy to bite them.

The huntsman thought that they were just playing with their imagination, a stuff that kids used to do.  But after a few moments, he saw the image of the wolf and in the blink of an eye, a young boy took his place.

The huntsmen tried to learn more about the Feeg family, but the child would not talk.  Finally the huntsman was able to persuade the young boy from talking.  He told him that his grandmother own a strap that able to transform them into a wolf.  He then asked the little boy to change into a wolf form, but he first asked the huntsman to climb on a loft.    He then took away the stair of the loft to be sure that the wolf would not be able to attack him.

One of the participants on the hunting game heard about the issue.  He thought that he might be able to kill the werewolf if he would take away its belt. Eventually the hunting start and the huntsmen started attacking the wolf but they were unable to kill it.

The huntsman attacked the wolf and managed to inflict a wound.   The werewolf escaped and ran on the village.  The huntsmen went into the Feeg house and were able to recognize the tail that was sticking out of the grandmother’s bed.  The werewolf was none other than the Feeg’s Grandmother.  The grandmother was unable to remove the strap and her secret was revealed.


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