According to a popular legend in Montenegro and Serbie, if a woman wants to be sure that she’ll return from the land of the living after her death, she needs to learn and perform magic during her lifetime.  The woman would then return as a Veshtitza which is a type of a vampire witch after her death.

At night, the soul of the veshtitza would leave her body and possess a moth or a black hen to observe homes particularly those that have kids on it.  Their possession on the moth or hen would lasts until the sunrise or when the veshtitza willingly leave the creature.

The soul of the creature would return to the vampire witch and would immediately go to the house that she scouted.  It will then wield its magic where it will put the other members of the family to a daze and eventually into a deep sleep.  After that, it will victimize the kids, devouring their heart and drinking their blood.

Veshtitza are said to be faster than the typical vampires but they are not physically strong.  Surprisingly if the other vampires are weak against metal this vampire can be wounded by the use of a silver weapon, but those weapon cannot kill them.  They are most vulnerable to the light of the sun that can kill them.

Every Veshtitze (plural of Vehtitza) are known to be close to each other.  They make sure that each of them will be safe and they are bound to protect each other.  Like witches who hold sabbats, they would hold a gathering at midnight on the branches of a particular tree.  During the meeting they will also share the blood and the heart that they took during their hunting trip.


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