Ivan Vassili

One of the most terrifying parts of the history concerns a ship with an unseen entity.  Ivan Vassili was not really haunted at first, until the Russian started to prepare itself for the war with Japan. In 1903, Ivan Vassili was ordered to bring a cargo that contains materials needed for the wars in Vladivostok.

The ship is already on sail when the crew felt an invisible presence inside the ship.  No one literally saw that alleged “presence” but everybody was sure that someone is with them inside that ship.  The crew claimed that they can feel if the creature is near, it feels like someone is watching them and they would suddenly feel the cold ambience.

Then one night, the crew saw the presence that was on board with them in the Ivan Vassili ship.  It was like a fog glowing in the form of a human.  The crews were stunned on the apparition of the supposed creature.  But they decided to go on with the sail since it is not doing them any harm.

Until they routed to China to refuel, it is said that one of the crews just screamed in horror and went insane.  Suddenly every man on deck was fighting each other without any particular reason.  The fiasco ended when Alec Govinski throw himself out of the board that caused his death. After he died, the men who were on berserk suddenly collapsed.

The incident happened again on the third day.  It was eerily similar to the first event when everyone would just attack each other.  Suddenly all of them collapsed just like how the first event ended.  After a few moments they found out that someone threw himself out of the Ivan Vassili again.

When they reached their destination in Vladivostok, 12 men left the ship.  They started to be scared on whatever is present inside that ship.  But 4 of them were caught and taken back to the ship and place under strict surveillance.

After the cargo has been delivered they went on sail once again to go to Hong Kong.  While they were on their trip to Hong Kong, the fight erupted yet once again among the crew members and one member was killed.  The next night a repeat of the nightmare happened once more that result to the death of another crew member.  It seems as if the event is occurring more often now compared on the first time.  Not long after these incidents, Capt. Sven Andrist threw himself out of the Ivan Vassili and drowned.

This time all of the crew except Christ Hansen and 5 seamen decided to leave the boat.  They could no longer bear the horrors that they experienced while on board.  Hansen took over the role of a captain and hire new crews.  They then decided to sail to Sydney.   Then one day, Hansen just took out his gun and shot himself with no reason at all.

The crew members left again except for Harry Nelson.  He decided to search for crew who do not believe with ghostly apparition.  The ship sailed again, this time it is destined to go to San Francisco.  Not long after they left, 2 members went crazy.  They were placed into the prison but they were later found dead the next morning.  The next morning, the captain who apparently does not believe in ghost shot himself in the mouth.  By this time no one is brave enough to continue the voyage.  During the winter of 1907, they burned the ship hoping that it will end the curse, before it sank to the deep ocean; the witness claimed that they heard a loud scream coming from the Ivan Vassili ship.


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