Vampire Obsession

Allan Menzies is a diehard fan on the “Queen of the Damned”.  He claimed that he watched the movie for more than 100 times.  Queen of the Damned is a story about Akasha played by the late artist Aaliyah.  She is a vampire whose thirst for blood is unquenchable.  According to the novel written by Anne Rice, Akasha is the first ever real vampire.  She first converted her husband into a vampire and soon spreading her blood all over humanity, which means the other vampires are linked with her.  She went to sleep and eventually awakened by the songs of Lestat.

Thomas Mc Kendrick, a close friend of Allan Menzies, brought a copy of the Queen of the damned and they watched it together.  Eventually Menzies borrowed the copy and he started to get addicted with the movie, he confessed that sometimes he’ll watch the movie 3 times a day.  Due to this obsession, Menzies was convinced that the characters in the movie are real.  He even adapted a vampire name “Leon” and people started calling him as such.

Menzies firmly believed that Akasha offered him an eternal life in exchange for the souls of the people.  He would normally spend all day inside his room talking to no one.  His father confessed that he can hear his child talking to himself about vampires, blood and other stuff concerning the undead.

Thomas McKendrick pay a visit to Menzies on December 11, 2002, little did they know that it was the last time that they’ll see McKendrick.  His father went home that noon and noticed some blood stains on the wall but Allan Menzies said that the bloodstains were from an injury that he acquired on a can.  Allan Menzies even approached McKendrick’s Mom and asked her a way on how to remove blood stains.  The police decided to include him on the prime suspect after that incident.  But they are still lacking some hard evidence that can associate him to the crime.

Clothing of Thomas McKendrick was found on January four near the Menzies family.  Allan took an overdosed prescription of drugs after the interrogation of police and stayed for two days inside the hospital.  McKendrick’s body was found buried in a grave on the 18th of January 2003. Forensic expert said that he was stabbed forty two times with a large knife and was hit in the head with a hard stuff for 6 times.

Menzies confessed to the murder and stated that he attempted to eat the head and drank his blood.  He said that by doing so, he will be reborn in different state and in a different form.  During the trial, Menzies came to senses and claimed that he was not in his sane mind when the murder happened.  He said that the crime was committed by his alter ego that manifested on his obsession on the film Queen of the Damned.

Menzies claimed that McKendrick insulted Akasha that led to his death.  He said that he believe he’s now a vampire after listening to the movie soundtrack for so many times and eating raw livers.  He was sentenced to serve 18 years of imprisonment but he was found dead inside his cell on Nov. 2004.  Police ruled it as a suicide.


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