Someone who is an Albanian or Turkish descent no matter how righteous she is is destined to become a sampiro after her death.  The curse will also be inflicted to those Albanian who committed unnatural acts with a Turkish such as bestiality, prostitution, homosexuality, heterosexuality or transvestitism.   Those who are attending a Moslem service and eat a meat that is given by an Albanian is also set to become a Sampiro.  Thieves and those who have a notch of lying will also become an undead creature.

The sampiro will return from the grave three days after its death.  The sampiro will appear while its shroud is still wrapped all over its body and wearing a high-heeled shoe.  Their eyes were said to be glowing and huge.  She also possessed a small amount of dirt taken from her graveyard that she kept on her navel.

The Sampiro rise from its grave every night, but it particularly loves the foggy night as it makes her glowing eyes more visible.  People said that her eyes are as bright as the headlight of a car.  Once she finds a victim, the sampiro would follow him while her high heeled shoes are making a kissing sound.

It will drain the blood of her victim, and will immediately flee the scene after feeding on her target.  But the victim does not die instantly.  He will feel weak and tired.  The creature would repeatedly assault him and drain him of his blood until he dies.  After her feeding habit or during the time that she is not attacking, she will go to the homes in the community and peek inside their homes.  Its glare can spread disease on the family members. 

They are not in good terms with werewolves.  Werewolves would hunt them down once they notice that a sampiro is within their territory.  If a werewolf managed to tear a limb of a sampiro, she will return to her grave and will never rise up again.  It is also a vengeful spirit; it will take revenge to those who tried to kill her.  She will kill them in a horrible way that involves extreme violence.

It is easy to spot a grave of a sampiro.  The soil on her grave tends to be loose as it commonly leave and return to the same spot.  There is also a blue light that hover over her grave.  A stake should be driven into her chest which is made up of yew wood in order to destroy the creature.


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