Micah White

20-year old man is accused of killing his own mother and his aunt and setting them on fire after, believing that they were vampires.
 From the notebook of the accused the following notes were found: "Vampires are overconfident in their evil; their only cause is to rid the world of humans."  "They want any humans who know of their existence to believe that they are crazy. This is done through repeated attempts at telepathy of negative energy messages of yin to offset balance of mind."  "My experiences with the vampires have led me to a place of no fear where God protects me." "They try to establish trust among the living in hopes to betray their trust to gain an easy meal."

The doctors who examined Micah White said that he is on his conscious mind when he stabbed and set his mother and aunt on fire under the firm belief that they were vampires.  But the city prosecutor acquitted him on the crime due to insanity reason and ordered him to undergo a mental treatment at a mental facility in Hawaii.

During the trial, those people who knew him said that he would constantly walk down the road while carrying lethal weapons and randomly accusing people of being vampires.  Relatives of the accused also said that White might be on drugs since he would refuse to go to bed at night and would do some weird stuff including cooking meal at 3:00 am.

White confessed that he as using some form of drugs which includes LSD, hallucinogenic drugs, marijuana etc.  Prior to the said attack, the family is already thinking of what to do with White since they believe he has some kind of mental problem.


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