The Swamp Child

The account of the Swamp child is relayed by Angela Thomas, a renowned psychic in the book of Brad Steiger.  She said that it started with a call from her Mama Cee talking about a certain Richard; Mama Cee’s voice is in panic that would only means she’s in trouble.  Angela Thomas immediately went to her house to see what’s happening.  Mama Cee is known all over the area as a woman who has knowledge in healing and folk magic.   Some are claiming that Mama Cee is wielding both light and darkness magic of the Voodoo but Angela Thomas said that she never witnessed things as such.  Mama Cee used to live near the river but she left that place for a reason no one can tell.  The only reason she can give is that the river became too dark.

Angela Thomas arrived on the scene and saw the policeman questioning a woman about what happened on the place.  The place looked trashed and there were droplets of blood on the floor.  The woman said something about Richard, the swamp child that Mama Cee raised.   She said that she heard Mama Cee screaming and something break in the house.  She could only guess that it was that swamp child.

Then a Creole woman with an undeniable beauty approached Angela.  She said that the swamp child took away Mama Cee.  She tried to help her but Mama Cee advised her not to go anywhere near the child.  The child’s eye looks like an incarnation of evil.  They have no idea where the creature took Mama Cee, the only clue they got is that he lives in Bayou LaCroix.  After hearing the story, Angela quickly decided that Mama Cee needs her help.

The Swamp Child was the result of a magic performed by Mama Cee on the dead child to raise him from the dead.    Angela Thomas was present on the incident and she witnessed how Mama Cee was able to bring back the child.

When Angela arrived on the area, there were already people searching for her.  Fortunately Angela was able to seek the help of the villagers.  A young boy named Anthony led her into the Cassabon camp where Richard was supposed to be.  Upon entering the camp house, Angela already felt the evil aura surrounding the house.

After a few moments they were able to find Richard, but he doesn’t seem to respond to any type of conversation.  Something is wrong with his eyes; it looks like he has lost his grip.  Then Angela heard someone crying over the pier.  She followed the sound until she found a boy tied on the post of the pier.  The child has a mark of “X-wound” on his forehead, the same marking that was found on the forehead of Richard when he was murdered at a young age.

As he was helping the boy, Richard was also there.  He attempted to attack Angela but Anthony managed to fire a shot on him.  A few moments later, the policemen came and told them that they already found Mama Cee.  They found Mama Cee with no sign of life, standing inside the hollow of a tree.  Furthermore, Richard’s body was never recovered by the police.  Stories said that the swamp boy is still lurking somewhere in the area waiting for his next victim.


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