Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau was one of the greatest influences in people practicing the Voodoo.    She is also often associated with the legend of zombie.   Mari Laveau was born at around 1801 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Based on the documents, the only occupation she has was as a liquor importer in the street of Dauphine in New Orleans.  But based on the stories, Marie Laveau also worked as a hair dresser.  She had a lover named Christophe Dominick Duminy de Glapion, they had 15 children which includes Marie Laveau II who also practiced Voodoo.

Every year, the supposed wishing tomb of the Voodoo Queen is visited by thousands of believers across the globe.  The tomb is located at the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 found in New Orleans where some of the tourist that took photo claimed that a ghost appeared on the photo and some said that they are receiving message from the world beyond.

Just as how the cemetery was visited by numbers of tourists and believers, they quickly disappeared before nighttime, believing that the cemetery is haunted and the restless soul of Marie Laveau might show any minute and turn them into a zombie.

Marie lived in a house not far away from the infamous La Laurie Mansion.  She became a close friend of Madame Delphine La Laurie.  Madame La Laurie is aware of the reputation of Marie Laveau as the Voodoo Queen. La Laurie started to be curious on the matter after being acquainted with Laveau.  During this time, La Laurie and her husband would take the Voodoo beyond its original purpose.  They started experimenting on the slaves and they end up in an unfortunate ways in the hand of the doctor.

It is also said that the great Baron Samedi took interest on Marie Laveau.  The Baron gave her a fair bargain, that in exchange for a short romantic relationship, the baron revealed to her a secret on how to turn someone into a zombie instantly.

Marie Laveau retired on the eye of the public and her daughter Marie Laveau II who has a striking resemblance to her appearance took her post as the Zombie Queen.    She died on June 15, 1881.  But there are rumors that the Voodoo Queen is still alive up to this day.  They said that she still lurk somewhere in New Orleans.  They believe she was able to achieve immortality by her knowledge about zombification.


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