The Greyhound Bus Incident

The bizarre incident about the Greyhound Bus happened on July 30, 2008.  There were total of 37 passengers inside the bus plus the driver which makes it 38.    When suddenly, Vince Weiguang Li who was listening to his earphone at that time let out a very hair-raising scream and started stabbing the passenger sitting in front of him.  The seatmate testified that there is no provocation that happened prior to the attack.

One of the passengers witnessed how Li would just stabbed Tim Mclean into anywhere of his body parts.  There were around 50-60 stabbed wounds found in the victim.  Olmstead who was sitting beside McLean managed to walk on the aisle of the bus and alert the passengers and driver that a madman is attacking his seatmate.  The driver immediately opened the door so that the passengers could quickly exit the bus.

Three men went back to the bus and tried to persuade Li, but Li turned to them and attacked them.  Luckily they managed to go off the bus before he could hurt them.  They held the door, so that the murderer inside won’t be able to come out.

Li went back to Mclean and decapitated his head.  He held it in front of those people witnessing his crime and throw it out of the bus.  The people around the area witness how Li would taunt the police while holding the head of his victim.

On the 2nd of September 2009 Nathan Carlson of Edmonton said that it is a case of a Wendigo Psychosis.  It is a case wherein a human suddenly felt an insatiable hunger for human flesh.   Similar cases has been found on the ancient American Tribe who believe that anyone affected with the Wendigo Psychosis literally turn into a Wendigo.


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