Dr. Teet Haerm and Dr. Allgen Thomas

Dr, Teet Haerm and Dr. Allgen Thomas was said to be responsible for killing 8 prostitutes.  They also claimed that they are members of a secret medical society focused on encouraging individuals in committing cannibalism and necrophilia.  During their trial, the two of them gave a lot of information about the secret society but refused to divulge the true identity of the individuals concerned on this society since they plead allegiance to it.

Prior to this Haerm was already used by the authorities to examine the bodies of the victims that died to the hands on sexual psychopaths.   On July 19, 1984 a body of a prostitute was found in a garbage bag by the authorities.  Her body was carefully dissected in a way that only an expert surgeon can do.  Dr. Haerm was again summoned by the authorities to examine the corpse.  He was able to reconstruct her body except for a missing head and one breast. 

After a week another body of a prostitute killed in a same manner was found.  They then again seek the help of Dr. Haerm who said that she was also killed by a sexual psychopath with the ability of a good surgeon.

Over the next few weeks 5 more prostitutes went missing.  One prostitute claimed that he would be able to give the police some information that they need but that prostitute also disappeared.  They then questioned every prostitute in the area that they could find but they were not able to find anyone that could identify the perpetrator.  They however gave a similar identification about a white VW that the criminal used.

The authorities then noticed that Dr. Haerm was using a white VW.  They then decided to summon Haerm, this time not to examine a corpse but for interrogation purposes.  The police searched his house and found some disturbing stuff including a photo of his wife that appears to be choking to death.  But the police were not able to provide enough evidence to connect him to the series of crimes.

Dr. Haerm is known to be a close friend of another doctor, Thomas Allgreen.  He was arrested by the police for molesting her little daughter.  He also said that Dr. Haerm is present on some occasions that he molested his 4 year old daughter.  He also confessed that he helped Dr. Haerm to kill the prostitutes.  He said to the police that killing prostitutes made Haerm hungry that he decided to eat some of them.

But during a retrial, the judge found insufficient evidence to declare them guilty of the charge of murder.  The judge decided to set them free.  As far as I know, the two of them are still living as a free man.


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