Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer is a serial murderer who is also known as “The Milwaukee Cannibal”.  He is known for murdering 17 men between the periods of 1978-1991.  His method involves rape, necrophilia, cannibalism and dismemberment.  He died inside a correctional facility when one inmate beat him to death.

Jeffrey Dahmer seems to be uncommunicative and withdrawn to the public.   He doesn’t show any sign of interest to any normal hobbies or social interaction.  He has one particular thing he’s interested about, driving around the town and searching for corpses of animals which he brought home and dissect.  He started drinking at a young age and became an alcoholic upon his high school graduation.

His parents filed for a divorce in 1977.  Jeffrey Dahmer attended the Ohio State University but later dropped out after failing to attend most of his class due to his alcohol problem.  His father forced him to enlist in the army.  After two years he was kicked out of the army again due to his alcoholism.  He went to Miami Beach Florida since he could not go home to face his father plus he is also tired of the cold weather.  In 1982, he moved to the house of his grandma where he lived for 6 years.  He was later asked by his grandma to move out due to the stench that permeates the air.

The first murder that he committed was in 1978 at the young age of 18. Jeffrey Dahmer was left alone in the house.  He thought about picking up a hitchhiker and invited him to drink for a few beers on his father’s house.  He originally planned to have sex with him but when he planned on leaving; Dahmer bludgeoned him to death using a dumbbell.  9 year after, he committed his second crime but he claimed that he has no memory about the crime.

After the second murder, Jeffrey Dahmer started to commit a series of murder from the period of 1988-1991.  He would usually pick up his victim in a gay bar and will have sex with them before deciding to kill them.  He would dismember his victim, dissolved them and in some occasion keep their head and preserved it.

Jeffrey Dahmer found a way to turn his victims into a zombie, completely submissive in all of her desires.  He would drill a hole into their skull and inject a minimum amount of Hydrochloric acid or boiling water into the frontal lobe using a large syringe.

He was arrested after one of his victims managed to escape and seek the help of the police.  Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted with 17 counts of murder which was later diminished to 15.  He pleaded not guilty due to the claim that he is not in his sane mind during the time that he commits the crime.  The jury found him sane and guilty and was given 15 life terms.


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