In the region of West Africa, people believe that those who died due to suicide will be exhumed by the witch.  The witch would then perform a ritual and would cut out the tongue of the dead person and place a wooden peg in his head which makes him a slave of the witch.

The Isithfuntela might be a zombie in some aspect but it is generally accepted as a type of vampire.  It also serves as a familiar of the witch that is willing to do her bidding.  But unlike other type of revenant, the isithfuntela does not have a super human strength, instead he use his other abilities such as shape shifting technique in order to compensate for it.  He also possesses the power of hypnosis that could put his victim in a trance rendering his victims helpless.

The isithfuntela also have the power to raise the corpse from their grave and create an army of zombie.  But fortunately, those corpses would turn into dust by the break of dawn.

In order to keep its existence, the isithfuntela must regularly feed on the blood of human.  And since they do not have the advantage on strength,  this creature rely on their power of hypnosis which makes the person immobilize while the creature place a wooden peg in its brain killing his victim in the process.  Then the creature would feed on the dead body of his victim.

The wolves do not have a very good relationship with this type of vampire.  Legend says that a pack of wolves would immediately rip their body apart if ever they come across to one.  It can also be killed by piercing its heart with a stake or decapitating its head.


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