U’tlûñ’tä which means “spear finger” is a vampire creature of the Cherokee tribe.  The tribe can be found in The Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee.  U’tlûñ’tä would take the appearance of an old woman that often victimized children.  The old woman would pretend to walk along the river looking for children that she’s going to victimize.

Besides taking the appearance of an old woman, this creature can also shape shift into different kinds of animals or any other appearance that could aid her in her hunt.  U’tlûñ’tä does not attack immediately; she patiently waits until the child would trust her fully.  She would wait until the kid let down his guard, then she would use her spear like finger to thrust the child through his heart (sometimes at the back of their neck) instantly killing him.

The U’tlûñ’tä would start to dig the body of the child and eat its liver.  Aside from their ability to take the form of any animals or persons, they also have the ability to control rocks.  They can lift any boulder regardless of their size or weight.  They also have the ability to fuse stones by slamming them together.

It is possible to eliminate the vampire creature but it will not be that easy.  The creature can only die if it is stabbed directly into its heart.  But her heart is located in her right hand exactly on the joint where the palm and fingers meet.  The task is nearly impossible as the U’tlûñ’tä always make sure that his hand is positioned in a tight fist.

According to the experts, the U’tlûñ’tä is created to teach their children not to talk to people they do not know.


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