Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson

Aaron Homer was arrested on October 2010 after stabbing his roommate who refused him to drink his blood. The Arizona man allegedly stabbed his friend, Robert Maley, 25 years of age in his arm.  Maley confessed that there had been an incident where he allowed Homer to drink his blood since he threatened him to cut his former girlfriend if he refused.   Aaron Homer was sentenced on March 2011 for 3 year probation period.

The two of them are sharing the house with Amanda Williamson, 21 years old, who are interested in vampire and other undead stuff.  Apparently Robert Maley refused to let them feed on his blood, an angry Aaron Homer is determined to suck his blood thus he was stabbed on his arm.

Firefighters who are just in the next door heard a commotion inside the house.  After some time they saw a man who ran outside of the apartment experiencing a massive bleeding due to the wound in his arm.  The police arrived shortly after the incident ad found Homer and Willamson soaking in blood.  There are also trails of blood leaving the apartment which they believe was Maley’s.

During the police interrogation, the two of them gave a very contradicting statement.  One of them claimed that he stabbed Maley in order to protect himself from his attack.  Homer also gave a different incident.  But the police know better than to believe them, since they think that those statements does not make any sense.

Maley was found a few blocks away from the incident heavily bleeding.  Upon giving his statement, Homer angrily said that he stabbed Maley since he is mocking their religion.  Interestingly all 3 of them were arrested that day, Williamson for the false report, Homer for the assault and Maley for an arrest warrant prior to this incident.  His wounds were also treated and stitched.


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