Akhkharu is also known as ahharu which means vampire.  The word “ahharu” appeared in the works of Peter Levenda “Simon Necronomicon” in 1977.  Akhkharu is believed to feed only on human blood.  The creature can be summoned using a simple ritual. Unlike any form of vampire creatures which are cursed and cretaed, the akhkharu can come into existence by a certain magical performance.

Once a person successfully managed to summon the creature, it will begin searching for a victim.  If an akhkharu consume enough blood, he will be able to become a normal human.

There is an Akhkharu Society which is a religious type of Mystery school.  The society generally study the mysterious religion called Akhkharianism.  Though many people believed that it originated from Sumeria, others said that the word Akhkharu comes from Egypt.

In a television series, “Sanctuary”, akhkharu is said to be a race of a vampire that enslaved the humanity using advanced technology during the ancient times.  They were also believed to be the pharaohs and the kings of ancient civilizations.

Akhkharu possessed a super human strength, speed, enhance reflexes and senses.  They also have the ability to heal injury at an increased phase and the ability to learn things just by drinking the blood of their victim (includes learning ability and language).  


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