Afrit or Ifrit is the Muslim version of vampire.  Afrit means “blood-drinking nomad”.  Afrit is generally the spirit of the person murdered.  The spirit of the murdered person will return to the spot where the last drop of his blood fell and in that place an Afrit would be born.

Some says that the Afrit resembles the appearance of a Djinn but others claimed that the creature appears to be in a ghost form complete with smoke that resembles the appearance of a Christian devil, a creature with hooves a tail and horns.  People who allegedly saw the creature was overcome with fear.

In order to prevent the birth of an Afrit, a nail must be driven into the spot where the murder-victim was found.  But of course one still needs to verify that it is the spot where his last drop of blood fell which is nearly impossible. This process is said to keep the spirit of the Afrit on the earth.

It is believed that the afrit is one of the 5 types of djinn.  Afrit is said to be the most vicious and violent and most cruel to his victim.  He is also said to be the second most powerful djinn.


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