The descendants of the Aztecs located in the Southern and Central part of the Mexico has a vampire witch on their culture they called Tlaciques.  This type of vampire is destined to become an undead creature from the first day she was born.  But sadly there are no ways to pre-determine whether someone is going to transform into a Tlaciques.

It is said that the thirst for blood of the creature started to manifest on the first menstrual cycle of a woman.  The only way to tell if the woman turns out to be a tlaciques is if she develops a limp as she matures.  If a family member discovers that one of their members is a tlaciques, they will protect their secret with their life since they are afraid of the embarrassment that it would bring to them.  And if a family member decided to slay the Tlaciques, the curse would be transferred to him and be passed down to their children.

The Tlaciquez can detach herself from her lower half and transform into a buzzard, flea, dog, cat, corpse candle or even a turkey.  Her lower half is set on the ground forming a cross.  This vampire witch also has a hypnotic ability and can force someone to commit suicide.  In order for a tlaciques to enter ones home, she would need to fly over the house of her intended victim as a buzzard from north to south then from east to west.  When she successfully enters a home she will glow for a short time before launching her attack.

The Tlaciques also has an agreement not to hunt a place that already is a hunting ground of another Tlacique.  They are doing this to prevent people from suspecting that a vampire witch is around.  This creature only needs a small amount of blood in order to survive.  In an event that there are two tlaciques in one place the risk of being notice is much higher.

Crucifix, garlic, mirrors and holy water can drive away the presence of the tlacique.  It is forbidden to touch the vampire witch when she is in animal form.  She should be captured while in human form.  She can also be killed by bludgeoning her followed by stoning her to death.  Her sense organ should be ripped out of her once she’s dead.


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