Maxim Golovatskikh and Yury Mozhnov

In January of 2009, two Russian men- Maxim Golovatskikh and Yury Mozhnov confessed to the murder of Karina Barduchian, a 16 year old girl.  They claimed that they only resulted in cannibalizing the girl since they are too hungry and they were too drunk.

The trial against the two was apparently suspended after the juror fell ill while looking at the mutilated body of the victim.  The two allegedly drown the poor victims first before slicing her meat and preparing it with a potato.

Before the hearing was halted, Ekaterina Zinovyeva, one of the lodgers told the court that they were having a party on that night with some Goth friends.  She said:

“Maxim and Karina went to the bathroom together and I went to bed,…. I was sleepy but heard splashes of water and some noise there but was not worried. Sometime later I woke up and decided to check what was going on.  I went to the bathroom but Yury stopped me on the way and told me to go back to bed.  They had joked earlier that they could kill Karina but, of course, I couldn't believe for a second that they were serious."

The next day Ekaterina got home from her busy work the two offered her the meat with potatoes.  She ate it because she did not suspect anything ill about the meal.  The remains of Karina were allegedly hidden by the two in garbage skips.

The prosecutor added:

"They cut up the body of the victim into several pieces, eating some of them and throwing the others into the bin,… They cooked her meat and served up the meal with potatoes…..They were interrogated and explained the murder by saying they were desperate to eat." 

The deputy head of the criminal investigation said that both of them confessed to the murder right away.  They said that they were drunk and very hungry.  Prior to Karina’s death her mother told her to stop seeing Maxim but she did not listen.  The family said that they were very devastated on the death of their daughter.


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