Daniel and Manuela Ruda

A couple who met in a hard rock band concert were sentenced 13-15 years after stabbing a friend to death because apparently the devil told them to do so.  Daniel Ruda, 26 years of age and Manuela claimed that they started to learn about Satanism in England when they encountered members of the Cult.

After the crime they drove around the area while carrying a chainsaw and waited for the next order of Satan.  They said that they just wanted to be prepared in case there is something that he wanted them to do.  They were later arrested at a gas station.

The couple admitted to the crime, but claimed that they cannot be responsible to the said killing as they were only acting upon the devils order.  The devil’s order was to kill, sacrifice and to bring souls.  They told the court that they chose their friend because they think that he is too funny and would be a perfect jester for Satan.

Evidence was presented in the court which is a letter of Manuela to her dearest mother.  She allegedly told her that she is not of this world and that she must liberate her soul from the mortal flesh. 

Apparently after her mother received the letter, her mother seeks the help of the authorities.  She then guided them to the flat of the couple on July 9, 2001.  The authorities found black and white posters of hanged women, a vampire teeth, a coffin where Manuela sometimes sleep and a lot of blood splattered on the wall.  The body of Mr. Hackert was lying among the chaos of the flat.  A scalpel was still lodged on his stomach and a note that consist of 15 names which could be the name of the 15 targets to be sacrificed.  A sign of pentagram was also cut into the skin using a sharp object.  Hackert suffered at least 66 stabbed wounds and his arms as well as his face have been damaged by a machete.  After they killed the victim, the couple drank his blood and prayed to Satan.
Manuela ran away from home when she was just 16 years old and met a group of Satanist who developed her likings for blood.  The members would allegedly allow her to drink their blood especially during the “blood parties”.  But biting the person on the jugular is highly prohibited among the members.

Psychiatrist examined the couple and recommended that they should be confined in a solitary since there is a possibility that they could attack again if they were to be released.


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