Lyle Bensley, A self-proclaimed 500 year old vampire

Police arrested a young teen who claimed that he is a 500 year old vampire after breaking in a woman’s apartment and biting her.  Though he claimed that he is a 500 year old vampire, in reality the boy was 19-years of age and a resident of Galveston, TX.  Lyle Bensley broke inside a woman’s apartment and attempted to bite her while shouting that he’s a vampire. He hit the woman and tried to bite her in the neck.  Afterwards, he dragged the woman in the hallway.  The woman was able to break free from his grip, she went inside a car owned by her neighbor and managed to call for help.  When the police arrived on the scene, they found Lyle Bensley screaming on vacant parking lot of the building creating some weird sound.

Bensley told the authorities that he didn’t really want to feast on human; he claimed that he poses no threat to the human races.  Police who responded said that it is one of the most bizarre cases they dealt with.  They have seen people claimed that he’s Jesus or he’s some kind of a powerful individual but nothing like a case that concerns an undead.  Bensley pleaded the authority to arrest him since he does not want to hurt them.  He also said that since he’s a 500 year old vampire, there are times that he needs to feed and it is that fortunate time.

Bensley was arrested by the authority and charged him with burglary and intent to inflict a physical assault.  After breaking in a woman’s room wearing only his boxer shorts.  Doctors who examined Lyle Bensley affirmed that the boy was not in the influence of drugs or other medications.


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