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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wilfred Doricent

February of 1988, Wilfred Doricent, a teenager on a Haitian Village suddenly became ill due to unexplained reason.   His eyes became yellow and his skins are turning pale-blue.  For 8 days, Doricent suffered from an unknown disease until he succumbed to death.  The local doctors declared him legally death upon analyzing that Doricent’s body is no longer showing vital signs.  His body started to show some signs of decomposition so the family members decided to lay him to rest.

In September of 1989, a friend stated that he saw Wilfred Doricent wandering around the village nearby.  The family was in utter disbelief after confirming that the wandering zombie is indeed their son.  Wilfred Doricent was able to stand and walk though he doesn’t seem to be in his consciousness.  He cannot speak and he doesn’t seem to respond to his surroundings.

The family started to suspect a relative which is a voodoo doctor that might have poison their son and turn him into a zombie.  Their Uncle named Belavoix Doricent whom the parents had a quarrel with was arrested and placed into a trial.  On March of 1990, Belavoix was proven guilty of turning someone into zombie as stated in the Article 246 of the Haitian constitution.

Dr. Roger examined Wilfred Doricent after and stated that he is suffering from a brain damage due to the lack of oxygen.

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