Mohammed Bijeh

Mohammed Bijeh is held responsible for sexually assaulting and murdering 16 boys and 2 adults.  He is also known as the “Tehran desert vampire”.  His reign of terror started on March 2004 and ended on September of the same year.  He was sentenced by the court to 100 lashes and one death sentence for every crime that he confessed.  The hanging (traditional way of death sentence in Iran) was witnessed by an estimated crowd of 5,000 people.  One of the brothers of the victim stabbed him while he was being lashed and the mother of another victim was asked to place the rope around the murderer’s neck.

Mohammed Bijeh together with his accomplice named Ali Baghi lured children into their place by telling them that they were hunting animals.  They would then be drugged, poisoned or he would whack them in the head.  He will then sexually assault them while they are dead or in some cases while they are out of their consciousness.  The bodies of the children will be dumped in a shallow grave.

His accomplice however has been acquitted of being involved in the murder cases, but was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and 100 lashes for participating in kidnapping the kid.  The crime caught the interest of the media and the public due to the magnitude of the crime.  Some people were even throwing stones at Bijeh during the execution.  Public believes that the actual number of murdered people can be higher compared to those crime that they confessed.

People were applauding as they watch the body of Bijeh dangled into air.  Some of them were also in tears but not because of sorrow but with overflowing joy.  Others were saying that the death of the murderer is not enough and should suffer more.

During the execution, Bijeh was entirely calm and peaceful as if he has already accepted his faith. 


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