Jessica Stasinowsky and Valerie Parashumti-Vampire Lovers

Jessica Stasinowsky, 21 years old and her lesbian lover Valerie Parashumti was sentenced for life imprisonment for the murder of Stacey Mitchell, 16 years of age.  Stacey Mitchell ran away from home but she apparently called her parents and told them that she wanted to come home after sharing a house with lesbian lovers for a few days.  But Stacey Mitchell never made it back home.

She was drugged by Jessica and Valerie and bludgeoned her to death using a brick.  They also attempted to strangle her to death using the chain of a dog.  The victim suffered a beating of 45 minutes before she finally died.  They then kissed her body as a form of celebration and dumped her corpse in a garbage bin.

The lesbian lovers were said to take pleasures on violence and on the sight of blood.  When the verdict was handed down by the judge, the two were smirking and showed no sign of remorse.

Stacey moved in with the couple on December of 2006.  She then told her parents a day after her death that she wanted to come back to their house.  But the couple claimed that they started to get annoyed with her since she is flirting with them.  They then devised a plan to kill her just to prove the other that she means nothing to them.

Jessica and Valerie invited her on a drinking session but apparently her drink was doused with sleeping pills.  The incident was filmed using a mobile phone wherein the couple would mock the English accent of the victim.  Valerie’s lawyer claimed that his client has a history of violence on her family and that she is involved in vampire subculture.  She also started drinking blood at the age of 10.


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