Tracey Wigginton “The Lesbian Vampire Killer”

Tracey Wigginton earned the name “The Lesbian Vampire Killer” after killing a man for the purpose of drinking his blood. Wigginton did not undergo a trial since she pleaded guilty.  She is one of the four who were accused of killing a man.  Her girlfriend that time and two other women was the one who stated that she killed the man for his blood.

Wigginton and her girlfriend, Lisa Ptaschinski lured a 27 year old man named Edward Baldock into a park.  There Wigginton stabbed Baldock for 47 times his head was almost decapitated.  In 1991 the court sentenced her to life imprisonment.  In 2006, Wigginton got into a trouble with a fellow prisoner and a guard.

She made a total of 4 application of parole but the board rejected it.  Finally on 2011, the board approved her application. And on January 2012, Tracey Wigginton was once again a free woman, but with certain conditions, like preventing her from engaging on other media activities.  Apparently the attention of the media would make it hard for her to adjust to society.

A picture of Tracey Wigginton surfaced the net on January 2012, right after her released looking frail.  It appears she can only mobilize with the help of a crutch.  She is currently living in a town centered for people dealing with crisis.  A local newspaper once published the whole address of Wigginton that sparked controversy.  Apparently the decision of a newspaper to divulge the entire address of Wigginton might attract vigilantes and pose a threat to other people living there.

On 2008, there has been a rumor that Tracey Wigginton’s girlfriend, Ptaschinski will be released and undergo a resettlement program.  But authorities claim that the reports about the release are far from reality.


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