Katherine Mary Knight

Katherine Mary Knight is known as the first ever female Australian who was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole, and for a good reason.   Knight is guilty of killing and eating her partner, John Charles Thomas Price.  Knight claims that he does not remember anything that happens about the incident, we could only speculate if this is true or not.  He is currently jailed at the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre.

Katherine Knight was the younger of the twins.  Aside from her twin, Katherine is only close to her uncle.  She felt devastated upon knowing that her uncle committed a suicide during the 1969.  She claims that the ghost of his uncle continue to visit her.  Her father is an alcoholic and would often use violence and sexually assault her mother up to 10 times a day.  Her mother in return would often tell them stories about how she hated men.  Knight on the other hand confessed that she was sexually abused by some of the members of the families.  The family members also confirmed that there are indeed abuses that happened on her younger days.

Katherine always seems to have a problem with her partners.  On the night of her wedding with David Kellet, Knight attempted to strangle him.  Her second relationship with David Saunders ended up in a physical abuse.  She hit him with an iron and stabbed him in the stomach.   She then had a relationship with an older man whom she later left for John Charles Thomas Price.

Price was stabbed for about 37 times that managed to hit his vital parts.  Knight then allegedly skinned him.  She then hung the meat onto a meat hook which she later cooked.  There were evidence of cannibalism but Knight claimed that she has no memory of the said incident.

She was arrested and given a life sentence with no parole.  In June of 2006, Knight appealed her case of no parole but his appeal was dismissed by the court claiming that her crime is unprecedented in the history of Australia.


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