La Candelaria: Argentina’s Haunted Luxurious Vacation

The central city of Argentina can be too crowded, it is for that reason why most locals and tourists alike will jump at the chance of staying at the local ranch also known as estancias.  There are myriads of options for everyone but the most famous estancias would be the La Candelaria.  When you are in Buenos Aires, head toward the location called Lobo and you will notice that t he landscape will immediately change.  After a few moments, the surroundings will eventually change which tells you that you are leaving the big city.  Soon there is nothing left but ‘campo’.  It may be too easy for you to miss the sign of ‘La Candelaria’ however when you do, you just have to go up the road where a group of gauchos will be willing to take you there.

The old castle located in the area is filled with numerous frightening stories.  There are guest who spend the night in this place that complained about the fact that the facility has a policy of preventing the guest from bringing their kids only to hear the sound of kids running down and up the stairs.  Some guest also claimed that they hear the giggling of kids playing at the hallway in the wee hours of the night.  Unfortunately, after thorough investigation, they found out that there were no kids present inside the facility.

The management of the castle was unable to trace the source of noise.  Some are saying that it is just the guest imagination, but there is a popular story telling about Rebecca, the adopted daughter of Don Orestes.  Based on the story, Rebecca decided to build an institution which mostly focuses on the poor children.  They said that the ghost of the kids decided not to leave the La Candelaria since they were able to find the best days of their lives in that place.

Even the tour guide will share his interesting stories with you.  The locals were more likely to believe the story compared to the tourists.  You will be spooked or amazed on the amount of legends circulating the La Candelaria of Argentina.


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