A Human Skull: An Incident at the Airport With Myrlene Severe

A human skull was found carried by a woman in the airport on February 9, 2006. Myrlene Severe was discovered carrying a skull after her luggage was screened by the federal security machine.  The incident happened at Hollywood International Airport.  She was then charged of smuggling by the authorities.

Myrlene Severe was a Haitian who lived in the US, reason why her belief about Voodoo is still strong.  She said that the skull that was found inside her luggage will be utilized for an important ritual that is vital for her belief on Voodoo.

The authorities who discovered the skull were disgusted on the sight of a skull complete with a set of teeth and hair.  But nonetheless Myrlene Severe explained it to the officials how that piece of skull is able to drive away evil spirits.  The skull, after further investigation appeared to still have some skin exterior and some organic matters present.

The woman was found guilty of smuggling for the reason that she did not declared the skull that she carried on her bag.  But regarding on her religious belief, the United States declared that it is free to practice any type of religions in the country including voodoo, witchcraft or other paganism practices. Besides the 30 year old woman, there are at least 800,000 people practicing the ritual of Wiccans and Paganism in the U.S. alone.

It is normal for someone who believes in voodoo to place a human skull to their altar.  They believe that the skull will able to attract good spirit and will be able to positively influence the life of the owner.


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