Karl Laventure

Another man high on bath salt has engaged in a zombie like attack, but this time it is in the state of Georgia.  Police of Gwinnett arrested Karl Laventure whom they claimed possessed a super human strength while threatening everyone that they are going to eat their faces.

Officers responded to a report regarding a half naked man running around the golf range half naked.  The workers told the media that Karl Laventure, 21 years old managed to get a hold of a golf club.  Police managed to document the incident through a video which shows several officers hand in hand in restraining the man with unbelievable strength.  The officers said that they documented the incident to show how many officers it took to restrain him.

Officer Ross Hancock was the first to arrive on the scene.  He said Karl Laventure was running around the Atlanta Golf Center in Liliburn.  He was in a nearby pond, half naked and appears to be not in his rightful mind.  Hancock’s partner administered a pepper spray but Laventure didn’t even wipe his eyes and he seems to be unaffected.  They then decided to pull their taser but Laventure immediately got up.  They had to tase him at least 5 times in order to keep him down.
While the officers are keeping him down, Laventure kept on screaming "I’m ‘a eat you. Four Four. Oh God. Don't make me eat you,"   They added that he would speak random things out of the ordinary, things that clearly don’t make any sense.

Karl Laventure was taken to the hospital but once he got into the hospital, his violent behavior started again.  Medical personnel and security guard were freaked on him and the police had to taser him at least 14 times.  Hancock said that it is the first time that he encountered someone that act this way.  He was shocked on the effect of the bath salt to those people who use it.


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