John Justin Bunting

An Australian serial murderer located at the Southern part of Australia.  As of the moment, he is serving his 11 counts of life imprisonment without parole for the murder of 11 individuals on the Snowtown murders.

Bunting was dubbed as “Australia’s worst serial killer.”  He’s motive for killing was due to his hatred on homosexuals and pedophiles. He was a leader of a secret culture which is mainly composed by murderers, cannibals and sadists who victimize people they knew.  They execute their plan according to the instruction given by Bunting.  His series of crime is said to be the most expensive and longest investigation ever conducted in the history of Southern Australia.

Two of his unfortunate victims were discovered at the backyard of his former house while the other 8 were discovered at a vault in an abandoned bank rented by Bunting.  In his house, there were illustrations of a chart wherein the names of the suspected pedophiles are written.  Bunting would constantly select a random name and call them threatening them and insinuating that they are pedophiles.

Bunting was pretty close to his step son named James Vlassakis, he would constantly relayed him stories about how much he hate pedophiles. In one occasion, Vlassakis confessed to Bunting that his step brother molested him when he was just 13 years old. 

During the trial, on September 8, 2003, Bunting was found guilty and was sentenced for 11 counts of life imprisonment.  He was said to be the most prolific Australian serial killer.


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