Stanley Baker

July of 1970, Stanley Baker told Detective Dempsey Billey that he has a problem.  He told them that he is a cannibal.  Baker then gave the details of how he butchered a man named James Schlosser, who was generous enough to give him a ride.  He said that he shot the poor man to death and devoured his body.

Stanley Baker said that he’s an occultist and a witch and he devour the finger of Schlosser and took the finger bones.  He murdered him while he was asleep, he then proceed in cutting his heart and feasting on it.  Sergeant Mc. Mahon who was also present on that testimony said that in his 21 years of experience as a police this is the first time that he couldn’t stand listening to a testimonial of crime.

The police then responded to a call of a fisherman of a survival knife covered with blood.  The police was shocked to discover fragments of human bones, teeth, a piece that looks like a human ear and human flesh.

After their finding, one by one the informant gave their testimony of the evil activities that Stanley Baker was performing on his home.  There was also this young boy who attested to the demonic rituals and claimed that he saw people eating live animals and drinking human blood.

A student from the Sheridan College also attested that she once saw Baker drink a mug filled with blood at a party in the Tongue River Canyon.  She further said that the mere appearance of Stanley Baker that time is enough to scare you.


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