Caius Domitius Veiovis

Caius Domitius Veiovis is charged with 3 counts of homicide and spent 7 years inside the prison cell for an attack that is similar to a vampire.  His appearance is quite similar to a beast due to his horn and his implants, plus tattoos on his forehead “666” which is the mark of the beast.

In the year 2000, Veiovis is still going in his real name, Roy Gulfinski Jr.  He was barely 19 years old when he attacked a woman and cut open her back using a knife.  The victim required a total of 32 stitches to close the open wound.

He allegedly licked the blood that is flowing out of the wound while kissing his girlfriend.  He and his girlfriend was said to be involved in a vampire sub culture.  His girlfriend was only 16 when the assault happened.  The two reportedly take pleasure in drinking their own blood and the blood of other members.  During his arrest, he told the police that he is a Satanist and a vampire.

There was one incident when Gulfinski wrote a letter to “The Eagle” in order to correct his name.  Below is the transcript of that letter:
 To whom it may or may not concern, Due to current circumstances I have been cut off from access to the media. Though I do hear tell and I hear that it has been printed that I took my name from the movie "Twilight." Pop culture inspires me to vomit hot blood and I promise you I have never seen this silly movie, nor have I read the books, nor would I ever -- even now -- waste my time with such useless drivel. My first and middle chosen names were inspired and taken from the great Roman emperors Caligula and Nero, my last -- from an ancient Etruscan daemon. Anyone who knows me should have told you this -- I suggest you check your sources. Caius Domitius Veiovis Berkshire County Jail & House of Correction467 Cheshire RDPittsfield, MA. 01201 P.S. I would like to express my sincere condolences to the families involved in this  tragic case. The deceased are not the only victims here.


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