La Catedral, Colombia's Haunted Prison/Monastery

The name La Catedral was not given as a religious reference but as a testament to its grandeur.  Some people also referred to it as Hotel Escobar and Club Medellin.  The design of Escobar highlight a bedroom equipped with a rotating bed and a bathroom armed with Jacuzzi.   The doll is also filled with different amenities such as a soccer field, bar, doll house and discotheque.  It is complete with office facilities that allowed him to pursue his business.

During the time that Escobar was residing at the La Catedral, the entire family will travel from Envigado for at least 3 times per week in order to see him.  He will also received constant visitors such as prostitutes, professional players of soccer and his colleagues and friends.  He has been running the place, until such time that he ordered the torture and death of the 4 officers due to a money dispute.

When that happened, the government decided to take the matter in their own hands.  They decided to relocate Escobar in a tight military facility.  Unfortunately, Escobar made a stand and refused.  They were armed with high-powered firearms and they told the officials who visited them that they will only leave La Catedral once they are dead.  They became hostage of the drug traffickers.  Eventually, soldiers successfully penetrated the facility and rescued the hostage officials.

While the hostages are being rescued, Escobar and the rest of his men managed to escape into the mountains.  His escape remains as an embarrassment for the country of Colombia.  La Catedral was then stripped from its glory.  The materials used were used in building the homes surrounding the facility.  There are rumors that large bin of treasure is surrounding the area.  They even employed the help of psychics to help them in the treasure hunting.  Unfortunately, not a cent was found.

Due to the grim history of the compound, a lot of scary stories have sprung from La Catedral.  Some says that after Escobar’s death, he returned in this facility to once again rule the place.  There are also tormented voices heard during the night which were believed to be the victims who died in the hands of Escobar.  Some story says that Escobar is still tormenting those poor souls every night. 


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