Martin Dumollard

The story about Martin Dumollard, a vampire serial murderer, has two different versions.  He was one of the first early documented serial killer of France.

Martin Dumollard reign of terror was recorded on 1855-1861.  He was a serial murderer of maids.  But there is a unique twist to this story.  Apparently Dumollard is not acting alone.  He was in a strict control of his mistress named, Justine Lafayette.  He met her in a boarding house at Lyon and immediately fell in love with her.  Little did he know the horror that this girl possess that would eventually develop his vampirism.

Martin Dumollard and Lafayette are both claimed to have satisfaction in having sex with the corpses.  The clinical vampirism took over when Dumollard is no longer satisfied with having sex with the corpses. He said that he reach a full satisfaction when drinking the blood of his victims.  After done with them, she will take the scrumptious part of his victim to Lafayette and serve it to her.

A total of 80 girls (mostly maid) were documented who died on the hands of Dumollard.  They were finally arrested in 1888 and placed into trial.  Unfortunately it was only Lafayette who was sentenced to die on guillotine and Martin Dumollard was sent to prison for the rest of his life.

Here’s the other version of the story:

The second version is that, his accomplice is not his mistress but his wife, Marianne (Some says Marie-Anne) Martinet.  Martinet will lure their victims to their rented house in Lyon promising them better jobs and of course an increased salary.  They went to the market to search for maids who are looking for work.  Once inside their home, Martin Dumollard would strangle them with a chord and sell their clothes the next day.

One of the maids managed to escape the gruesome murder.  She was able to call for help leading for Martin’s conviction and eventually to his death.  Marianne Martinet however was only sentenced to 20 years of hard labor.  The jury saw Marianne Martinet as a faithful wife and not an accomplice on the murders.


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