Beast of Bandai

Mt. Bandai is an active volcano located at the Tohoku area, Fukushima, Japan.  The mountain is known for the eruption that happened in 1888 that took the lives of at least 477 people and left thousands of families homeless.  But long before the eruption happened there is a bizarre creature sighted on the mountain that allegedly attacked the village located at the foot of Mt. Bandai on 1700s.

Prior to the attack, the villagers already reported eerie sightings about the creature.  The creature is said to be a humanoid with a huge mouth, thorny furs and claws.  The creature is often sighted during night time or twilight hours.  People said that his eyes are glowing and is similar to a cat.  Though the creature possesses a frightening appearance, it can easily be frightened.  It would immediately run through the woods and bushes at a small shine of light.  But as the days passed by, the creature become bolder and villagers also reported about increased sightings.

The creature also makes a frightening sound. Its howl and shrieks can be compared to a wild animal.  Little by little the creature showed disturbing behavior such as growling to those who witness it.  It also started to follow local people without the effort of concealing itself.  It would follow them as long as there is a dark path.  In an effort to drive away the creature, the town’s folks started putting torches at the outskirt of town, but their effort proved to be futile.

Days gone by and the villagers started reporting about missing animals.  One of the farmers complained about his set of missing chickens that magically disappeared overnight leaving only scattered feathers.  The disappearance of the animals continued and eventually the people suspected that the beast of Bandai has something to do with it.  Their suspicion was confirmed when a farmer witnessed the creature devouring a dog.  Based on the account of the farmer, the creature was in the process of disemboweling the dog when he saw it.  The creature then dragged the remains of its prey into the woods.

The attack began to divert on the community.  Every night, people would report about weird sound and deep breathing outside of their house.  They also started experiencing thumping and pounding on their doors and windows as if someone was testing the sturdiness of it.  By this time, several children went missing and attacks on adults became more often.

In 1782, a hunter reportedly killed the creature.  The carcass was described as a humanoid with a large mouth and razor sharp teeth that are larger than anything he had ever seen.  It is also covered with hair and has spines on its back with sharp nose and short webbed limbs.  The carcass also releases a foul odor, reason why the villagers immediately discarded the remains.


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