The tale of the Boxenwolf is a unique one, in a sense that it doesn’t include a ferocious werewolf that preys on human for their blood and flesh.  It is more of an annoying werewolf that said to has existed in an area that is between the Weser River and Diester River.  The boxenwolf is a tale of a lazy and tricky wolf that forced the traveler to carry him on their journey since he is too lazy to walk back home.  And in addition, he also robbed those travelers of their belongings.

The Boxenwolf is not cursed nor doesn’t it have any magical powers or someone who is knowledgeable in witchcraft.  The Boxenwolf is just a mere human fortunate enough to stumble upon a wolf strap which allegedly gives the power to shape shift to those who will wear it.

One night, there were two peasants who were returning to their home from their work in a mill that is near Rinteln.   The boxenwolf threatened one of the peasants, but the peasant immediately asked for the help of his comrade.  Both of them were carrying heavy sack of flour that they threw to the werewolf.  They started attacking the annoying werewolf ferociously using a stick.  They were able to inflict injury to the wolf that causes it to run away.

The next morning, the two peasants who stumbled upon the boxenwolf, decided to visit a rich peasant whom they suspected of becoming the boxenwolf.  The peasant has amassed richness though they were not sure where his wealth is coming from.  They thought that it was because he was robbing the travelers of their belongings while he is in a wolf form.  When they went to the house of the rich peasant, he was lying ill on the bed due to the injuries that he acquired on the attack of the two peasants.  The two peasants were able to confirm that he is indeed the boxenwolf.


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