Magdalena Solis AKA “The High Priestess of Blood”

Magdalena Solis convinced an entire village that she is a goddess and ordered a number of human blood sacrifice.  The human sacrifices were discovered by the police at the outside of the village.  Though Magdalena Solis can be considered as the principal suspect for all the crime, she was only convicted on two counts of murdered and ordered to spend 50 year inside the prison.

Solis is a female serial killer and a sexual offender.  The total number of her victims is said to be at around 8 people but other believe that they could be more than 15.  All of her crime was committed in a small village of Yerba Buena.

Magdalena Solis came from a poor and dysfunctional family.  He entered the industry of prostitution at a very young age.  She continued practicing that profession until her marriage together with her brother who acted as her pimp.

Solis was admitted in the cult of Santos and Cayetano where she developed her love for blood.  She was a religious fanatic and suffering from delusions of grandeur.  The story started when Santos and Cayetano devised a plan that would rid them of all of their debts.  They went to Yerba Buena and presented themselves as descendants of Gods.  The people of Yerba Buena immediately believed them.  But there came a time when the villagers grown impatient of the promise that the two said so they went to get Magdalena Solis and presented her as the resurrection of a goddess.  The problem is, Solis believed every single lie they made.

Solis would perform orgies with the members of the cult, eventually she would demand a human sacrifice, and they would let the victim bleed to death.  Their blood was contained in a glass and mixed with the blood of a chicken.  Solis would then drink the blood and pass it on the two brothers.  The brothers would pass it to the other members believing that it would grant them superhuman powers.

Their rendezvous lasted for 6 weeks wherein 4 people died.  The last human sacrifice had his heart dissected while he is still alive.  When the cult was performing the rituals, Sebastian Guerrero was wandering around the place when he discovered the gruesome sight of a man being butchered.  He ran to the nearest police station and asked for help.  But he was not taken seriously by the police since he described them as vampires.  The next day Luis Martinez, an officer and Sebastian Guerrero went to the place.  That was the last time they were seen alive.

Upon the disappearance of Guerrero and Martinez, the authorities took the report of Guerrero seriously. On May 31, 1963, Eleazar and Solis were arrested by the police while carrying marijuana.  Santos was shot by the police and Cayetano was killed by one of the members of the cult.

They discovered the bodies of Guerrero and Martinez near the area where Solis has been arrested.  Their heart was removed in a manner similar to the rituals of the Aztecs.  Several other remains were discovered on the same area.

But the police were only able to connect Solis to the death of Guerrero and Martinez.  They were not able to charge her with the other deaths since the member of the cult refused to testify, other members of the cult was killed during the shoot out.  Those members who have been arrested by the authorities will serve 30 years imprisonment.  That time no one wants to divulge the details that happened inside the town, it was only after a few years when one member decided to reveal the horrors of the cult.


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