Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus also known as Caligula was known as the Third Emperor of Rome that reigned from the period of 37 AD-41 AD wherein he was assassinated.

There was not much document that tells the life of Caligula since most of the written accounts about him did not survive. But he was depicted as a fair and a noble emperor at the first 2 year of his rule.  Then it started to go bad.  Some says that Caligula is exhibiting lavish lifestyle, wickedness and sexual perversity.  Others were saying that he is having a disability on his mental state.

But those cannot be cited as credible since as we said there is not much document that can be used to prove these claims.  One thing clear though is that Caligula made an unpopular decision that made the people unhappy. He also started massive constructions; one in particular was his abode that exudes luxury and grandiose.

On January 24, 41AD, Caligula was assassinated on a conjoint conspiracy of high ranking officials in Rome. According to the rumors and also in the legend, Caligula went back to the walking life as a revenant.  Some people claimed that they sighted his presence in the Esquine Hill where he was laid to rest and also on the Lamia Gardens.  It appears as though Caligula was cremated in a rush way that only half of him was cremated; this cause the rumors that Caligula might be unsatisfied that is why they had to go back to the place of his burial, exhume the body and grant it a proper cremation.  Though there were no more supposed sightings of the emperor in the hills, this doesn’t stop the people from talking about the emperor that allegedly became an undead, thus Caligula earned an evil reputation.   Based on the legends, someone with an evil reputation while he is still alive can return as an undead creature after his death.  He may also become a vampire if the proper burial rights were neglected.


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