Star Jelly

The reports of the star jellies have been going on for long years now.  On the medical writings of John of Gaddesden he mentioned the name “stella terrae” and described it as a mucilaginous element that is lying on the ground.  He suggested that it might be able to cure abscesses.  It was then mentioned again on a medical account of the 14th century under the name “uligo” noted as a fatty substance that the earth emits which is commonly referred to as a star that has fallen. In 1440 a term “sterre slyme” was found on an English-Latin dictionary that is translated to Latin as assub meaning falling star.

It is also referred in a different term on the Oxford-English Dictionary; star jelly, star-shot, star falling, star-fallen, star-slime, star slubber, star slutch andstar slough.  The local community of Veracruz, Mexico referred to this as caca de luna which literally translates to moon’s excrement.  Other people are claiming that this substance have an extra terrestrial origin that floats on the space.

Different research was conducted on the origination of the substance but they were unable to procure a definite result.  Some researchers failed to find any DNA on the substance which implies that it is not a product of living organism at least here on earth.  The colour of this gelatinous substance varies from different account.

Accounts of Star Jelly

November 11, 1846-a gelatinous object fell measuring at 4ft in its diameter at the Lowville in New York.  It left a foul smell which immediately disappeared.

1950-4 police authorities form the county of Philadelphia PA discovered the same substance that measures at around 6ft in diameter.  They attempted to pick it up but it instantly disappeared upon contact.  This account is the inspiration behind the movie Blob.

August 11, 1979- a sighting of purple goo from Frisco, Texas was reported by Sybil, Christian.  The incident happened after the Perseid meteor shower.

December 1983-Thomas Greenley stated that he found the luminous item on the sidewalks and the road.

1994- several account about the star jelly was reported on different occasion in Oakville, Oregon.

1997-Everett , Washington reported the similar compound fell on their area.

More sightings were reported on the succeeding years including in 2009 at the Scottish hills, 2011 at the Ullswater, 2012 in Dorset and in 2013 at the Ham Wall.  The latest sighting was broadcasted on BBC in their program “Nature’s Weirdest Event” last January 14, 2015.


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