Legend of the FoxHill

The village of Dodow is located near Wittenburg in Germany.  According to a popular legend, there used to be an old woman who lived on that region possessing a fox strap.  With the help of the strap she was able to take the form of a fox enabling her to hunt geese and other meat.  This has been her daily routine in providing herself with delicious and healthy meal.  Her grandchild was well aware about her enigmatic powers.

One day the teacher of the grandchild was talking certain stuff about magic during their class.  The kid who wanted to impress the headmaster relayed a story of a magical fox strap that was possessed by his grandmother.  The child took the fox strap to the school the next day.

Upon seeing the fox strap, the headmaster immediately took it to the child and accidentally wore it.  The headmaster changed into a fox and the students went on panic.  The kids who were attentively listening a while ago are now screaming due to fear, a fox was standing right in front of them.

The screaming of the children frightened the school master and leaped out of the window.  He went into the hill where he decided to stay.  One day the villagers decided to form a hunting team but their main intention is not to pursue the fox, but nonetheless the fox was caught entangled on the trap of the hunting team.  A bullet supposedly hit the fox. After the fox was hit the fox immediately return to its original form.  The hunter was so surprised to see that the fox was indeed a human.  A bullet was able to penetrate the fox strap causing it to rip apart.

To serve as a memory to this hill, people named it the Fox Hill, the location where the headmaster supposedly spent his life while he is in the form of a fox.


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