Raven Mocker

Raven Mocker is a type of vampire-witch found in the lore of the Cherokee tribe.  They are known to feed from the life force of their victims and also for devouring their hearts. 

During day time, the Raven Mocker would take the appearance of a human usually that of an old woman or man.  During the night, the Raven Mocker would assume the image of a ball of fire and search for their victims.  They usually target those who are ill and dying.

They are known to be the most powerful witches in the legends of the Cherokee people.  They are feared even by the other witches.  It is believed that if the other witches sensed the presence of a Raven Mocker, they will quickly leave the place.  The name of a Raven Mocker is derived from the laugh of a witch since their laugh resembles that cry of a raven.

When the Raven Mocker found a prey, they would enter the house and start to torment their sick and dying victim before consuming their heart.  When the creature managed to eat their hearts, they instantly suck the remaining years of their victims.  They were deemed to be an almost immortal creature due to this fact.

It is also believe that the Raven Mocker has the gift of invisibility making it easy for them to escape an apparent danger.  The presence of a Medicine Man is said to drive away the Raven mocker.  The only way to kill it is during the day when it is still in a human form.  Recognizing a Raven Mocker in its human form will cause it to die within a week.


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