Kiangshi/Chiang –Shi is the Chinese version of vampire.  Their vampires are more of a reanimated zombie but instead of walking or running kiang-shi is known for hopping.  Kiang-shi is also known in other regions, Vietnamese call them cuong thi, gangshi is what the Koreans called their hopping vampire while kyonshi is the Japanese term for Kiangshi.  This creature is known to be wearing ornamental dressed typically of the Qing dynasty, they move by hopping while their arms are stretched in front.  Instead of sucking blood they steal their victim’s chi (life force).  This undead attacks during the darkest of night, it can usually be found hiding on caves or other darker place during the daytime.

They said that the reason a dead man turned into a Kiangshi is due to the moonlight or the sunlight.  People on East Asia believe that all people possessed two sides, the good and the evil or the yin and the yang.  If a corpse will be left out in the open and let the moon or sun shine upon it, its evil side will strengthen and he will eventually become a kiangshi.

There is an old story about the kiangshi, it tells a man named Liu, who decided to clean the tomb of his ancestors.  Before returning to his post, he requested his wife to prepare him a delicious breakfast and wake him up in the morning.  The wife did as she was told.  After finishing the meal, she decided to call her husband, but the room remained silent so she went to her husband to wake him up.  She was astounded upon seeing that her husband is headless without a trace of blood.

The villagers say that the wife is accused of infidelity.  They reported the woman to the magistrate.  They instructed the people to open the coffin to perform a thorough investigation.  The wife was proven guilty and was sent to prison for only a few months due to what they found out next.

One day the neighbors are passing by and found out that one of the grave yards was left opened.  He noticed that the coffin is slightly opened and thought that a thief might be the one responsible for doing this.  He told it to the other villagers and they decided to open the coffin.  What happens next left them gaping in awe as they saw the body of Liu, holding his own head.  They were so scared that they immediately reported it to the magistrate.

Officials was ordered to take away the head of the corpse, but no matter how hard they try to remove it, the grip of the corpse seems too tight.  Finally they decided to chop down the corpse’s arms. Fresh blood came flowing from the wound even though Liu has been dead for months.  They decided to burn the corpse of Liu and the villagers were convinced that his wife has no fault on his death.  The magistrate ordered the release of Liu’s wife after the incident.


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