Skyquakes have been referred to as a strange sonic-boom like sound that has been occurring for quite some time now.  In actuality, this unexplained phenomenon was accounted on July 4, 1808 during the expedition of Lewis and Clark while they are exploring the Rocky Mountain.  These skyquakes are a lot similar to the earthquakes however; there is no distinct explanation of where they come from.  It resembles the sound of a cannon fire or a stifled thunder.  Most of the account reported that there is a possibility that the sound came from the sky which is definitely not an earthquake.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Based on the Lewis and Clark expedition account that witnessed the skyquake:

“Since our arrival at the Falls we have repeatedly heard a strange noise coming from the mountains in a direction a little to the north of west. It is heard at different periods of the day and night, sometimes when the air is perfectly still and without a cloud, and consists of one stroke only, or five or six discharges in quick succession. It is loud, and resembles precisely the sound of a six pound piece of ordnance at the distance of three miles.”

The origin of skyquakes

Numerous individuals have credited these skyquakes to be an alien inception. A few scholars hypothesize these unusual sounds are connected to parallel universe or UFOs. The most prevalent encounters to skyquake are the Barisal Guns and the Moodus Noises. These skyquakes have been noticed everywhere throughout the world and by absolutely inconsequential sources.

There has dependably been much perplexity as to the origin of these skyquakes or from what source they start which apparently is originating from the air. In any case, science appears to recommend these are by results of tremors and seismic movement, claiming that the sounds are exuding from below the ground. Essentially, this is a reverberation from movement that began underground.  Despite the fact that researchers estimate these skyquakes are identified with tremors, they cannot clarify why the commotions are heard in a few definite places and not on the others.

Based on some of the reports, usually if a skyquake is heard, it is followed by another bizarre sound that resembles a giant hammer hitting after 20 minutes.  Some residents from California reported a common manifestation of the sound.  A few have complained about having a difficulty to sleep because of the disturbing sound that the skyquake produced. 


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