Elizabeth Wojdyla

Barbara Moriarty and Elizabeth Wojdyla, both 16 years of age and studying at La Sainte Union Convent which is near Highgate, London was on their way home after a visit with a friend who lives on Highgate London.  That trip requires them to pass through Swains Lanes that intersects a graveyard, the Hillgate cemetery.  They could not believe their eyes upon reaching the graveyard; it was an eerie sight of the undead emerging from their graves.

Both of them walk in silent, scared that the undead might notice them.  But as soon as they reached the bottom of the lane, they found their voice to ask each other whether they have seen the same thing.  The experience that night was so terrifying that Barbara Moriarty decided never to speak about the said incident ever again.

But Elizabeth Wojdyla decided to share that experience to a renowned author of paranormal incident, Sean Manchester.  It was recorded on a tape and was seen on live Television via a documentary show, Highgate Vampire case.

Elizabeth’s memory about that bizarre moment is fresh; she gave a very detailed story about that experience.  Elizabeth claimed that both of them saw the scene in the grave.  The graves were allegedly opening up and the people inside it were rising.  All the time that they are passing on the lane their though is fixated on the scene in the graveyard.

After that, Elizabeth suffered bizarre nightmares with similar things in common. An image of her bedroom’s window and seems like something is trying to enter her room.  The image is similar to those of the zombies emerging from their grave that she saw that night. 

Sean Manchester took the time to visit Elizabeth on the summer of 1969.  She looked anaemic and lifeless.  Elizabeth relayed her nightmares to Sean Manchester and fortunately he was able to record that conversation.  Based on the testimony of Elizabeth, the face of the creature looks like a wild animal and its eyes are glaring.  It also has sharp teeth and a grey face.
After two weeks, Sean Manchester received a message from Keith, Elizabeth’s boyfriend and shared that she seems to be getting weaker and weaker.  The condition of Elizabeth is becoming worse.  Some relatives believed that she is being overcome by a supernatural being.

Sean Manchester also shared a noticeable mark on Elizabeth’s neck which was also confirmed by Keith.  He said that there are marks on the side of Elizabeth’s neck.  The mark resembles a certain skin inflammation and the focal point has a small punctured wounds.

There were also instances that they saw a mark of blood on Elizabeth’s pillow.  Manchester will then decide to start traditional method to drive away manifestation of the undead after Elizabeth said that something is luring him and the Highgate Cemetery seems to attract her.  The cross that she used to wear was missing for quite a time now so they decided to replace it with a bigger crucifix.

Elizabeth’s health was restored and her anemic condition was gone after sometime.  The mark on her neck and any sign of the undead disappeared.  Elizabeth well then decides to relocate after.


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